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Why Hire a REALTOR® to help you buy a New Home?

Posted by Karen on March 3, 2016
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Why Hire a REALTOR® to help you

buy a New Home?

Many people have the common misconception that if they cut out the REALTOR® when buying a new home, they’ll save more money off the price of their new home.  We work with Sales Consultants at the builders each and every day and they will come right out and say that they don’t make any more or less money when a REALTOR® is involved.  In fact, they prefer to work with a REALTOR® because it makes their job easier!

Please understand that the new home sales associates work for the Builder, not for you!  Their job is to make as much money as possible for their employer.  In fact, some will underhandedly attempt to talk you out of working with us, so their employer can make more money and yet they still don’t get paid anymore or less by doing so. It doesn’t make any sense, that’s for certain!  Can you trust that kind of person with one of the most important purchases you will ever make?  If they’ll go behind our back even though we brought them additional business, would that someone you could honestly trust?  Wouldn’t you want to work with someone who will fight for your rights so that you get more at closing?  We will!  Please don’t sign any paperwork without us!

In addition, the Sales Consultant at the builder is very unlikely able to help you sell your current home.  We can and we will completely manage the sale of your current home and coordinate both closings, so you aren’t left homeless during the process.   You will know in advance how much money you can expect to get at closing after we meet with you.  We’ll prepare an estimate of net, which outlines all of the closing costs you can expect when your home is sold.  Not knowing how much you would net would be horrible, shouldn’t it?  We’ll keep you up to date on your numbers so you can make your best decisions!  The new home sales consultant won’t be able to assist you with your home sale process either.

It’s crucial to use the same agent since the new TRID rules and regulations that enacted into law on October 3rd, 2015.  All the closing details and negotiations need to be meticulously handled to ensure a simultaneous closing.  To make a mistake could cost you thousands of dollars, or worse yet, be without your home, lose your deposit on your new home, and lose your new home in the process because a necessary detail was overlooked!  There is little margin for error now days. The government has made closings somewhat tricky through the new laws and we’ll help you navigate through the process.  Making sure you hire a REALTOR® who carefully manages the details so you can sleep easily at night is definitely worth their weight in gold.

Did you know that it doesn’t cost you a dime to hire us as your Buyers Agent to help you find your new home?  There is no extra cost to use our services.  Our commission is paid by the builder and pre-negotiated.

We’ll work with the builder to ensure they sharpen their pencil on your purchase price and your incentives, as we have for many of our past clients.  Because we know what deals are available, we will end up saving you money and not costing you even more money when your closing is completed!

We’ve helped out of area buyers move right on in when they arrive in town.  If that means meeting the blinds person to measure the windows, it’s no problem!  Often times there is legwork that needs to be done prior to the final closing.  For both in town and out of town buyers, we are happy to help you out with any of the details you need assistance with.  We are full time REALTORS® and make a living by helping you not by just meeting your needs, but by exceeding your goals and expectations!  Our clients have said “Wow, you certainly make this a whole lot easier for us!”

As part of the closing process, we will make sure that the builder completes everything listed in the contract.  You’d be amazed at the details they “accidentally” forgot, even though it’s in the contract!

We’ve even had to work closely with the builders after a closing when unforeseen problems happened.  In fact, once we found that water was leaking outside a home during the day, causing quite a little river to run down the property line.  It was causing the property to erode the land in back of their lot!  You can bet we called the builder fast and had them there within 15 minutes to fix the problem!  The owner didn’t even know there was an issue as they were at work all day and couldn’t see the river on the side of their home when they returned late at night each day.  The owner had asked us to be there on another matter when we noticed this little river caused by a faulty sprinkler.  We do believe in Service after the sale.  When we notified the homeowner, he was pretty grateful we found it AND handled it right away!

At My Florida Lifestyle Realty, we aren’t looking for just a one time sale.  After earning your trust and confidence, we intend to be you REALTOR® for life!  The referral of your family and friends is extremely important to us and we’ll work hard to earn the future business you may give us through referrals.  Everyone needs a good REALTOR® to count on, just as you need a good Doctor, a good Dentist, a great Attorney, a fantastic Accountant, etc. We want to be your REALTOR® of choice, always!

Enough of the builder’s tricks.  They do pull stuff and it’s best to have a shrewd negotiator on your behalf.  Whew!  Now you found us!  Let’s get on to the fun stuff….it’s time to browse our Featured New Home of the Day.