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Karen Arlick’s Client Testimonials

Tony and Carleene Flowers

We had been talking about moving for several years. Finally, we decided it was time to do it. I have fibromyalgia and really dreaded looking for a house because of my pain and chronic fatigue. Fortunately, I saw something that Karen Arlick put on the the internet, and I decided to contact her. Little did I know how lucky I was that her name caught my eye.

Karen turned out to be such a lovely person. She was very easy to talk to and very professional and organized. She took notes on what we wanted in a house. Soon we received a list of homes that seemed to meet our requirements by email. We were able to sit at our computers and take video-tours of the houses both inside and out. All pertinent information was included with the pictures including addresses. She sent more videos of homes as they became available. When we decided which homes we wanted to see, we sent Karen a list of the homes we chose. At that point Karen took us to the chosen houses so we could walk through them. We were able to find “our” house with very little effort because of how well Karen had pre-selected the homes using our guide lines. It was so easy.

I thought Karen went far beyond the call of duty. One day we met Karen in Winter Garden. I managed to lock our keys in the car. We have AAA and could have called them to unlock the car, but Karen took us to our home in Pine Hills so we could get our keys from home. Then she took us back to our car in Winter Garden. She is just such a nice person and a pleasure to be around.

When we put our house up for sale, we will definitely have Karen as our agent. We are so grateful for the way she helped us find our new home.


Lazaro Quintino

I want to start by thanking you very much for making my home buying experience a painless one. I am what you may call a worry wart and I was extremely nervous because this was going to be the first home I have ever purchased. What was going to make the experience all the more nerve racking was that I was purchasing this home in a different County that I did not know much about and is also about 250 miles away from where I currently live. I also have to really thank my sister-in-law Lourdes which had just recently used your services and highly recommended you to me. I cannot be any happier for having chosen you as my realtor as you took me by the hand and walked me through the process. I called you and e-mailed you on numerous occasions with questions or concerns and you always had the answers for me or pointed me in the right direction. Your patience and kind character made the process all the better and further eased my nerves. I am overjoyed with the purchase of my home as well as having made this purchase in Lake County , which is a beautiful place as well as having great growth potential. I have already in turn recommended you to several of my friends, family and co-workers. I can assure you that I will be purchasing another property in Lake County in the near future and I will definitely look forward to using your services again. I truly appreciate all of the help that you gave me as well as educating me on the home buying process. Thank you very much!


Scott and Susan Gunelius

Working with Karen made the home buying process nearly effortless for us. Being new to the area, it was a great help to have Karen as our Realtor. She was always available, listened to our needs, and took care of all the details for us. We’ll definitely call Karen again next time we’re in the market to buy or sell a home.


Richard and Rita Davidson

We first came upon Karen when talking to a fellow worker whose house was up for sale by Keller Williams (Karen). From the first time we met Karen on that October day in 2005 (we did not know it at the time) but we certainly do now, As the Allstate Famous slogan goes, we put our house in good hands with Karen. She does everything from the For Sale Sign in your yard to advertising to the day of closing. If Rita or myself had to say anything about Karen, it would have to be, listen to what she has to say and do what she wants done and you will have positive results. She is a very friendly person and very easy to work with. It was a pleasure to have you in our corner!


Gary and Nancy Bennett

Karen did a great job in handling every aspect of the selling of our home. She was there for us every step of the way and handled everything with total professionalism. She is an asset to Keller Williams and we recommend her highly.


Steve Merchant, Realtor

I wanted to send a note to Thank you for your professionalism in the sale and closing of 1335 Misty Glen Lane. I appreciated your help throughout the process. You represented your Buyer well. I am sure your Buyers will be happy in their new home. We hope to work with you again in the future and wish you the best for 2006.


Susan Boykin

Dear Karen, Please accept my thanks for a job well done. I was impressed with your interest in my home from our first meeting. You kept in touch and followed through on your promises. I would not hesitate to recommend you, especially to anyone with a unique of higher priced property. Having listed with two other agents prior to you, I can definitely say you go abov and beyond what other agents do to get the job done. I love your great ideas and you are willing to go the extra mile and deserve all the success you attain.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone who has a property to sell, especially other upscale homes for sale. Your service is fantatic and I have had other agents to compare your services to. I even interviewed “Orlando’s Number One Agent” and chose you instead. I am so glad I did! Your personalzed approach to customer service is fantastic.

Barry and Nicole Roach

As a first-time buyer, the home buying experience can be extremely exciting, yet a bit overwhelming. With Karen Arlick’s guidance, my husband and I were led through the entire process and found EXACTLY what we were looking for in our first home. Karen stuck by us through everything; and trust me we didn’t make it easy on her. Just like many first-time home buyers we had a long and ever-changing list of wants, needs, and desired locations; all on a limited budget. Karen never let that stop her from finding us the perfect home, no matter how long it took! In addition to Karen’s outstanding professionalism, her knowledge of the market was tremendous. We trusted her expertise and she always steered us in the right direction and had our best intersts in mind – she never let us settle for “just ok”. Additionally, Karen was always available to answer any (or rather the many many) questions my husband and I had.

It is so important to have a real estate agent who can respond at a moment’s notice, assist in overcoming any obstacles during the home buying process, and fight for you every step of the way. Fortunately, we were able to find all of those traits in Karen!

Thanks so much! We couldn’t have done it without you!


Gary and Nancy Bennett

Karen is awesome! It took nearly a year to find our perfect home (we moved in from out of the area) and during that time she never gave up and always went the extra mile for us. This was the 2nd time we called on her services and we would not hesitate to do so again. We can’t thank her enough!


Frank and Stephanie Haberle

Hi, my name is Frank Haberle.  My wife and I have been working with Karen Arlick.

We’ve dealt with another realty group in your area, they were good a first but then seemed to be annoyed that our house in NJ didn’t sell fast enough so they took their time answering our emails and lost the hunger I look for in a realtor.

Karen has been wonderful, in fact better than i could’ve expected. My wife and I work crazy hours and don’t always have time to send an email or call at “normal business hours”. Sometimes I don’t get to answer my messages until past 11 pm. Naturally I would never expect them to be answered until the next day. Much to me surprise and delight, Karen answers every email I send her within an hour at any time, even Sundays.

She is helpful without being pushy and always looks into the areas, homes developments ect. that we’re looking into.

She’s a great asset to any company she decides to work with and I will not purchase a home from anyone but Karen.


John and Denise Sorensen
Thank you so much for all the help you provided in getting our Florida home sold. From the moment we listed the house with you, we have been impressed with your professionalism, market knowledge, helpfulness and honesty. With three sellers, living in two states and three locations, it was a relief to have someone coordinate all the details and walk us through how to successfully complete this out-of-state transaction. You referred us to the perfect handyman, who did a fantastic job preparing the house for sale, took some attractive photos, priced it properly and made several recommendations which helped us sell the house. We were initially concerned about trying to do everything long-distance, but you put our minds at ease and very capably handled all the details while constantly keeping us informed of the status of the house.
If I am ever asked to refer someone to a Realtor in Florida, I will gladly, highly recommend you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Diane Mulinax

Karen is an amazing real estate agent. She cares about you as a person and not just a commission. I have worked with multiple agents through the years and I would recommend Karen as a realtor any day. She worked with me long distance in order to sell my house in Florida. And it sold in 19 days. The paperwork and sell were amazingly simple for what is usually not any easy process. So the process was made easy by Karen. Every detail was taken care of and I did not worry about anything. Great experience. Thank you Karen!


Jared Varitek
It’s been a pleasure working with you thus far on the 33324 Coventry purchase transaction for our borrower Mr. & Mrs. Nixon. I know we go off to a late start with the WDO report, however, my team has had a great experience working with you. You have been extremely responsive and timely in any requests we have asked for. In addition, you have also conducted yourself professionally both on the phone and through email correspondence. We would like the opportunity to get to know more about your business and possibly work with you in the future. I hope to be able to meet you tomorrow at the closing and exchange business cards.

Thanks again for your help on this file.


Ron and Judy Seidel

We would like to recommend Karen Arlick as the best real estate agent we have ever had in our forty years of buying houses. She is extremely motivated and concientious in everything she works on. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of state-of-art technology for selling real estate and uses the best options for each unique house that she sells. She uses all possible sources and technology to find houses for anyone looking to purchase a house also. Her honesty and integrity in all her transactions is outstanding. Karen is the best of the best in real estate.


Sharlene J. Spector

It is with deep appreciation and utmost respect that I refer you to Karen D. Arlick to list and sell your property.

I met Karen after moving to Ohio and finding out that the contract for the sale of my house in Orlando was cancelled. I was in need of an agent to not only list my home but to sell it and to represent me now that I was living out of state.

That is the least that I got when I hired Karen. Karen was fully prepared to do whatever it took in the current market to get my house as much exposure as possible. My property was listed on at least 10 internet real estate sites with full color pictures and video presentations. I received a full market analysis every other week that documented the current conditions of the market in my area so I was fully aware of what competitive homes in my neighborhood were selling for and how long they had been on the market.

Armed with all of this, Karen orchestrated two auctions on the property which involved full cleaning of the property as well as staging, marketing and advertising. She was amazing and she drew traffic and interest into the home.

Hoping the market would stabilize, I decided to remove the house from the market and wait it out with tenants in the home. That proved not to be the best decision and was forced to put it back on the market. There was no one else to call…I knew to short sale the property, there was only one choice and that was Karen.

She jumped at the chance and right away began studying the local comps and chose an aggressive starting price, monitoring and adjusting it until we got the hits we were looking for. At the same time, she was already working with the bank to get a short sale approved.

Within just a few months everything was in place and we had an offer but she didn’t stop there, she thought ahead and was ready for what needed to be done. It was this time that Karen went above and beyond the call of duty by cleaning out refrigerators, mopping, cleaning bathrooms and even hiring someone to fix drywall holes. She took it upon herself to fix damage left by the tenants, I’m sure some of it to her own expense. Knowing I was 1000 miles away, made it so hard to keep control of the situation but I had her and she did. She was amazing and made me feel so much better. My closing took place via UPS overnight delivery and was virtually seamless. She was there every step of the way and never wavered in her commitment to selling my home.

There just aren’t enough words to express my sincere and deep appreciation for Karen and everything she did for me and for my family. It was her dedication that has finally allowed us to start over without worries and consider Karen as more than my real estate agent I feel that I can truly call her a friend. I have never met Karen in person, we have only talked by phone and am looking forward to the day that we can possibly meet in person so I can thank her properly.

Fred Holmes

Karen met with me on short notice, completely explained the entire process to me and put me at ease. Karen answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns. She then rushed to her office late on a Friday afternoon to get my listing in before the weekend. The sign even went up right away. Karen was prepared, professional, and was able to get a full price offer for me in just a few days. I would follow Karen wherever she decides to put her license. She is a true professional. Karen also came highly recommended to me by both of my neighbors!

John and Carrie Blodgett

Karen was very thorough in everything that needed to be done. We feel that we were treated very well, no pressure or problems whatsoever. Follow-up calls are very important to us during a sale and she did that very well.

Joe and Tara Collins (Repeat Customers!)

Karen followed up quite a bit. She is very professional. Karen is efficient and fast. She sold our home in about 20 minutes. The service was excellent!
Chris and Amber Carlson

Karen was very helpful! The service was great! She sold our house in 5 Days!
Peter and Rebecca Effeldana

She made the sale of our home easy-worry free! We got our asking price and the home was sold in 4 days! She is 100% dependable. You can always count on her professionalism. We are also using her to buy our new home!

Mike and Debbie Lee

Karen Arlick is fantastic and one of your BIGGEST assets. She went above and beyond the whole time to help us sell our land. She is great! We really loved her work and ambition! When asked what we could do to improve the service, Get 10 more Karen Arlicks and put them to work for you!

Ernie and Lourdes Aguila

We searched and found the perfect home. But in the
hot real estate market, we wondered if our offer would
be accepted. But, from offer to closing, Karen knew
just what to do to make our dream house come true.


Kevin and Rebekah Davidson

I would just like to let everyone to know what a great Realtor Karen Arlick has been. We had our home with 2 other Realtors in the area, and unfortunately had no luck on selling our house and it had been on the market for 9 months. My husbands parents had gone with Karen to sell there house and she sold it, so when our contract was up, we were ready to go with Karen. We had an issue with our home not having a garage, and Karen was the only realtor that came up with a suggestion to solve that problem. Also she gave us an option of doing a virtual tour with our house, and that was the winning solution to market the house. 1 month and 2 days after we had signed on with her, she called us with a contract for our house. If anyone asks me of a good realtor in the Central Florida area, Karen Arlick would be the answer. Thanks for all your hard work!

Alethia and Walter Brown

We want to thank you so much for the great job you did selling our home in Leesburg.. After being on the market for almost two years you took over and sold it in three weeks. Yiu were very professional. In spite of the distance between us you kept us well informed. On a scale of 10 we rate you a perfect 10. Our best to you.

Ulysses Tyre

Karen Arlick with Keller Williams Realty was an awesome Realtor to work with. She went above and beyond to make my first time home buying experience successful. I would personally say she’s one of the best in the business. Her VIP home buyers program is incredible. She is committed to satisfying and achieving every task put before her. I would refer her to anyone. It felt wonderful to see the SOLD sign put up in the yard of my new home and Karen played a huge part in making it possible. Thanks Karen you are the best!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Hermann

Karen was a great help to us in locating our new home during these very challenging times. She helped us find an extremely good deal by searching through bank owned properties. She steered us toward competitive financing when all of the news reports said the credit markets were frozen. She took on the challenge of online bidding for our property; I think that was a first for both Karen and ourselves. She was aggressive when necessary but still sensitive to the worries and concerns of new home owners. Thanks so much, Karen.

Laurie Lynn
I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me. Not only did you get me in touch with downpayment assistance, but you got me in touch with the most awsome and caring people to help me through the process. As a single mother of three boys I have always dreamed of having our own home but never thought it could become a reality. You were extremely patient with me and the processes and emotions I had to go through. I could not have my first and beautiful home if it was not for your guidence and strength, especially when I was ready to give up. You have proven to me that you have an honest caring about the people you help. You were with me every step of the way and for that I thank you and may God bless you.

Michael and Melissa Suhrbier

Our new home story, and it’s a long one!
I found Karen’s ad in the Lake County Newsleader back in September 2007 and
even though I had very little chance of actually buying a home Karen took
the time to help us get started and introduced us to the “VIP Buyer
Program”. We had no experience, no money and to make matters worse, I’m self
employed. I honestly felt is was a pipe dream but within months we had our
approval letter and many homes to choose from. We called Karen an almost a
daily basis asking to see one home after another and after 12 months we
found a home! Unfortunately the deal fell apart because we lost our down
payment assistance but the ever persistent Karen kept on showing us
properties kept a positive outlook. Karen never once gave up on us and
continued to provide hope in otherwise bleak situation by introducing us to
new home buyer programs and other government funds.
We had a wish list that seemed out of reach for our budget but in May 2010
the perfect home showed up in my inbox. That day we saw the property and on
May 17th 2010 we made an offer and prepared for the long waiting game that
comes with Short-Sale’s. Once again Karen’s persistence proved to be just
the thing we needed and our offer was accepted on June 8th 2010. Karen took
the reigns and drove everyone to get it done! We closed on our new home
August 25th 2010 which might also have been delayed if wasn’t for Karen’s
hard work. That’s over 3 years from our first meeting with Karen. I still
can’t believe anyone would put this much time and effort into helping us
achieve our ideal home.
Our wish list consisted of: 4 or more bedrooms, an open floor plan with the
kitchen part of the living room, the best schools (ours are A+) and a pool.
What we got was a 5 bedroom, cul-de-sac, newly built pool home with a few
features I didn’t even know we wanted all for $165k and only $6k down.

Karen is not only extremely professional and knowledgeable but also a very
nice friend to have. You will not find a better realtor in the Orlando area.
I can not say enough positive things about our entire experience.